The main target species in the Puget Sound is King Salmon. The typical season runs from July thru April. July, August, and September would generally have terminal king salmon meaning they are mature and heading towards a river or hatchery to spawn. These fish average 15-20 lbs. October – April would generally have immature king salmon or “blackmouth”. These aggressive feeders range from 2-4 years old and are still growing. They average around 10 lbs., but larger fish in the 15-20 lb. class are common. These fingerling were held on to for a year longer at the local hatcheries and are happy with the ample supply of local feed. Therefore these blackmouth have chosen to grow up in the Puget Sound Region rather than the Pacific Ocean. The winter fishery is rather simple- find the feed- you find the fish! The typical daily limit for blackmouth is 2 fish per angler per day. Multi-fish days should be expected.

“Winter Blackmouth”


Above average “Winter King”