Fishing Reports

 November 24

I had a group onboard from Camano Island. Paul Berube as well as Rick and Ben Mcdonald. The trip was a birthday present for Paul- not bad!!!! We headed out to the west side of Possesion Bar departing around 7:30 a.m.. The weather was terrific all day. The fishing was pretty darn good as well. We landed 12 keepers- releasing 4 fish with adipose fins and keeping 8 fish, the biggest was around 9 lbs. The seals were a little bothersome today(I think they got 2 or 3 good sized fish from us.) There were around 40 boats out there today. Great to see a lot of effort by the local recreational anglers. I saw plenty of fish caught around us as well. Herring and Spoons were the gear of choice. I will probably fish 1 day this week and then service the boat before running it up to Skyline Marina. I will fish out of there until April. Here ar a couple photos from today. See you on the water.

Rick, Ben, Paul with some winter fish!


“Proud Angler”




November 15

Again departed Everett around 7:30 heading West. Fishing with my good friend Scott Bumstead. We Fished the Bar for 4 hours. More herring on fishfinder than the day before.  Lost an above average fish(around 12 pounds) at the boat first thing. Landed 5 legal blackmouth, we harvested 3. Seals got a couple as well. Keepers were all average sized fish. Weather was great. East side of bar had bait and a couple of fish as well. Hopefully going to get out on tuesday. Good Luck over the weekend.


“Head -Shot”

Scott with “Dinner”

November 14

Headed out fishing to the west side of Possession Bar. Fished from 8:30 until 1:00. I had a couple of good friends- Tom Nelson and Jay Field onboard. The fishing was good. We landed 7 legal sized blackmouth. All but 2 were missing their adipose fin. The largest fished was about 9 lbs. THe weather was beautiful. Bigger tides made for quite a bit of current. Again- spoons in about 140 feet of water snug to the bottom. I will be out tommorrow and report soon.

Jay and I with a few average fish



Hooked Up!


todays catch!


November 7

Headed out fishing to the west side of possession again. Got a little later start- around 9:00 am. Fished for about 4 hours. The weather conditions again were not great. North winds blowing steady 15 knots down Admiralty Inlet kept the bar pretty jacked up. Despite the weather we were able to land around 8 or 9 legal blackmouth releasing the 22- 24 inchers. We ended up getting one above average fish, around 13 or 14 lbs. We used spoons most of the time due to the wind and current. Probably won’t get out again until early next week. Good luck to you guys this weekend.




Fished in the Bayside Blackmouth Derby. Finally got my boat ready to go around 1:00 pm on Friday. My fishing buddy Scott Bumstead and I fueled up and headed out to the west-side of possession. There were good amounts of herring and plenty of birds to help you out as well. We fished for almost 2 hours. We landed two clipped fish around 7 lbs and released to wild fish in the same class. We decided that this would be a fair place to start the derby on Saturday.

All day Saturday was windy. I would say that the wind was blowing around 20 knots most of the day. We fished the west side again. Fishing was good. I would say that there were 3 different bites with the bite around late morning-mid day being the best. For the day we landed around 15 legal blackmouth. We released a lot of them and kept the bigger ones saving one spot for a big one until the bitter end. In the end we harvested 6 fish between 6 and 14 lbs- not bad.

Sundays weather did not improve that much. The morning had a couple hour window of flatter seas. Fishing was overall a little slower out of the gates. After the tide turned and started ebbing, the fish bit. For the day- we landed 7 fish and kept four between 6 and 9 lbs. We had to quit fishing around 11:00 am to get to the weigh-in.

We ended up with around 87 lbs of fish for 2 days- good enough for 1st place in total boat weight and, believe it or not, our 14.4 lb fish (caught by Scott Bumstead) held on to 1st place for largest blackmouth caught in the derby. Not a bad showing.

Thanks again to Jeff, Dan, and Todd at Bayside Marine for putting on a first class derby.

Here are the final results for the 2012 Bayside Derby

251 Tickets sold, 85 Fish, Average weight 7.52 lbs

Winner is Scott Bumstead with a 14.4 LB Salmon

Tournament Winner is Team 86.83 lbs

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Place Weight First Last
1 14.4 Scott Bumstead
2 14.2 Wayne Brem
3 11.16 Daron Smith
4 11.09 Garry Brossard
5 11 Rolland Heinin
6 10.96 Derek Floyd
7 10.27 Mike Meske
8 10.08 Ben Hopke
9 9.85 Craig Danhoff
10 9.83 Dave Lane
11 9.79 Glen Helton
12 9.41 Ralph Lytlf
13 9.3 Dave Pitcher
14 9.3 Kory Bustad
15 9.17 Bill Hayes
16 8.88 Scott Gresli
17 8.79 Denny Peterson
18 8.58 Dennis Frazier
19 8.44 Gary Hamlin
20 8.42 Ed Goetz






Proud to part of the Northwest Salmon Derby Series






Anglers- This is the launch of my new business and new website. I am excited to start charter fishing in the Puget Sound area. Please check my site frequently. I am going to try and post after every time I go fishing. I will try and include as much fishing detail as I can as well as a few pictures. I will do this whether I am fishing with friends or have clients on board. The website is not quite done- but we decided to go live with it and finish on the fly. Thanks again for all your patronage and support.

Respectfully- Derek Floyd

Here is “The Fam” out fishin’ for a morning